Alien Heat: albums updated

Posted by Wudmaster on 29/05/16

The Alien Heat albums at Bandcamp and SoundCloud have been updated a little in terms of their content. Both the Red Rug Demo and Alien Heat’s live Essential collection have undergone refurbishment. We hope that this will enable fans to find the music more easily as well as giving more consistent information.

We plan to upgrade the content of our other pages at Bandcamp and SoundCloud as well in the coming days and weeks. We shall bring you news of these updates in our News service.

One of the things that made Alien Heat such a remarkable and exciting band was the extremely disparate nature of its members, all of whom were fabulous musicians and/or composers in their own right. The various tensions and personality clashes between band members, who were once close friends and shared flats and life experiences together, and the energy which that created in a close environment, made for an explosive partnership that was all too short-lived.

It is curious how times change. Few of the band are able to bear even thinking about each other for even one moment, let alone spending time in each other’s company these days it seems.

To listen to Essential by Alien Heat, which is a collection of their live songs, please click here for Bandcamp (where you can download and own a copy of the album or order a CD), here for SoundCloud, and here to listen at Wud Records.

To listen to the Red Rug Demo by Alien Heat, which was their only proper studio recording session, please click here for Bandcamp (downloads and CDs avaialble), here for SoundCloud, and here for Wud Records.

Further details of Alien Heat, including their biography and some photos, can be found here at Wud Records. There is also song information and official lyrics available at Explicit Music.

Ug Brothers: Cute But Weird update

Posted by George on 25/05/16

The Ug Brothers have had an update to their Cute But Weird album both at Bandcamp and at SoundCloud. All of the relevant histories and lyrics have been included as well as new tags to help fans find the music. All that now remains to be done with Cute But Weird is the digital remastering, which we feel is something the album deserves. We shall let you know when the remastering work has been done via our News service, to which you are welcome to subscribe.

There are three official sites that have the Cute But Weird album by The Ug Brothers available for your listening pleasure. Unofficial sites exist from time to time, although we try to break these when they appear. We would also discourage fans from using those websites as the quality of the mp3s is usually pretty low. At the official sites we use either lossless wav files or high-end 320kbs mp3 files.

Your first option for listening to Cute But Weird is right here at Wud Records, and you may do so by clicking here.

The second listening option is at Bandcamp, where you can also download the album. You can do that by clicking here.

Thirdly, you can listen at SoundCloud. To listen to Cute But Weird there, please click here.

Pok: Cunning and Tricks

Posted by Wudmaster on 15/05/16

Cunning and Tricks is a new track by Pok that was just uploaded to his forthcoming Anthology album. It is the sixth track to be added, and rather like buses, there were none for three years then suddenly two at once. A number of other songs destined for the Anthology album are making good progress, so we hope to add more during Pok‘s next visit in June. We will, of course, bring you all the relevant information in our News service.

Cunning and Tricks is a Dylanesque lyrical masterpiece, composed when Pok was still a very young man. It features the considerable talents of our recently departed comrade ‘Speedy’ Pete Greatorex on harmonica, and Sven does a great job hammering away on the drums as always. He also bashes an anvil for a bit of variety, which you can hear in the far left and right of the sonic spectrum.

Pok plays bass as well as acoustic and electric guitars in the song, and gives voice to The Potty General and the contraption that is his own invention. Somehow this makes the musically challenging and absurd middle section seem more sensible, bizarrely.

Lyrically this song is awesome. The ‘Seven White Knights’ verse is one of our favourite lyrics in all of the Wud Records catalogue. The acoustic guitar has real balls and is played with great sensitivity to the lyrics.

You can download or listen to Cunning and Tricks at our Bandcamp store by clicking here.

To download the entire Anthology album as it stands at present, click here.

To listen at the Wud Records website, click here instead.

Pok: Cordelia Dreams

Posted by Wudmaster on 14/05/16

Cordelia Dreams is a new track by Pok that has been released to his forthcoming Anthology album. Finally!

The spirit of wud has triumphed against all the odds, despite the deaths, births, inherited financial nightmares, major equestrian and canine issues, too much non-music-related work, family commitments, illnesses, interference from foreign governments, equipment failures and technical difficulties, changes in personnel and the usual trolling, negativity and naysayers we are used to. It has been over three years since we have been able to release any new material so finally having a new track to shout about is a tremendous joy for the team. Hooray!

Cordelia Dreams is an instrumental piece that was composed by Pok on acoustic guitar during 1982. It uses ‘Drower tuning’, or drop-D as most people would know it, and is a beautiful and mystical piece that whisks us away on a whimsical journey through cascades of melodic watery meanderings. Sven adds the percussives – not sure how as this writer still can’t work out what beat is the first of the main theme of the piece, but that’s why he’s a drummer and I write stuff – and Maxx adds definition and assuredness with his firmly solid throbbing. The overall result is not unlike Jade Warrior or early Pink Floyd.

Pok recorded the acoustic guitar in a single continuous take using an £11 Encore guitar from Ebay (including postage). It was loaned to our studios by the mighty Dan from Musicisum, so many thanks for that. We can assure you that neither Maxx nor Sven completed their parts on the first take! The watery noises came from, which is a fabulous free sound effects site.

With Pok returning to our studios again tomorrow we are hopeful of being able to add more songs to his Anthology album without another three years going by. We shall bring you further updates regarding Pok in our News service.

You can download the entire Anthology album as it stands at present from our shop at Bandcamp by clicking here.

Alternatively you can go ahead and download the track Cordelia Dreams from Bandcamp by clicking here, or just listen if you like.

To listen to Cordelia Dreams here at the Wud Records website, click here instead.

Finally – you might want to go for a wee before listening. ;-)

Dark Company: RIP Pete Greatorex

Posted by Wudmaster on 13/05/16

We have some terribly sad news. ‘Speedy’ Pete Greatorex – poet, vocalist, songsmith, raconteur, artist, thespian and frontman of Dark Company passed away on Sunday 1st May. He died at Wonford Hospital, Exeter after a long battle with a number of complicated conditions.

Pete was such a big character that it’s hard to believe he’s gone. We are all gutted, and at the same time thankful to have known such an extraordinary human being. He left behind two children, two grandchildren and an unspecified amount of cats, frogs and fish. We miss him terribly and intend to honour his memory by continung to produce Dark Company music.

Goodbye doowadu man, fly free.

Normal service will be resumed soon.

R.I.P. ‘Speedy’ Pete Greatorex, 02/08/44 – 01/05/16.

Dark Company: album opener compilation

Posted by Wudmaster on 28/04/16

We have created a brand new album opener compilation for Dark Company, which is now the default SoundCloud playlist at all of Dark Company’s pages here at Wud Records that are not album-specific.

Our regular visitors will know all too well that our old in-house mp3 player, the (previously) wonderful Flamplayer, is now broken beyond all repair and is no longer supported by its developers. What a pity.

The search for a solution to this unfortunate situation led us to SoundCloud, with whom we have developed a splendid sonic partnership. With an ever-growing fanbase and an expanding collection of playlists at SoundCloud we sincerely hope they do not simply disappear, as has been suggested in the music press in recent times. Fingers and other protuberances crossed please.

Dark Company‘s default playlists tend to change from time to time and we shall be bringing you further such playlists in the future, as well as keeping an archive of old compilations at SoundCloud. Subscribing to our News service will mean you need never miss any such developments.

You can enjoy this album opener compilation by visiting any of Dark Company’s pages that do not have their own specific player. Their homepage here at Wud Records is a good example, and you can visit that page by clicking here.

If you would like to listen to Dark Company’s album opener compilation at SoundCloud, perhaps whilst exploring other playlists we have uploaded there, you can do so by clicking here.