Clonk!: lyrics transcribed

Posted by Wudmaster on 25/07/16

The lyrics for the Clonk! Demo have been transcribed and are still so fresh they are radiating warmth. Some brand new web pages have been added to the Explict Music website precisely for these sets of the band’s lyrics. Also at these new pages over at Explicit Music you will find details of the recordings and some fun facts about the songs.

All of the information has been made available at Clonk!’s three song pages on SoundCloud as well. That means that if you choose to listen to their Demo here or over at SoundCloud you can follow the lyrics and read about the tracks whilst listening.

Clonk! were very popular back in 2002-3 what with their somewhat tongue-in-cheek live performances that oozed virtuosity. Although the band are no longer active, their songs will continue to live on here at Wud Records.

Deep within our archives there is a little more Clonk! material and we hope that one day we shall be able to bring this to you as well. When we manage to dig it up we shall inform fans via our News service and on Twitter.

If you would like to listen to the Clonk! Demo here at Wud Records whilst enjoying the lyrics at Explicit Music, you can do so by clicking here.

If you prefer to do the same thing over at SoundCloud, please click here instead.

Just as a quick footnote, we seem to have removed the default FlamPlayer from various pages on our website but the new player that we hoped was going to appear has not yet done so. Instead, the whole of that area of the page now looks a bit… odd. This is mostly down to ignorance and incompetence on our parts and we hope to rectify this prolonged ongoing issue in the near future.

Rough Terrain: Daylight Demo repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 17/07/16

The Daylight Demo by Rough Terrain has now been repaired and added to the growing collection of Wud Records playlists at SoundCloud. The Daylight Demo also makes up the last four tracks of Rough Terrain’s Exit Stage Deaf compilation.

One of our favourite sayings here at Wud Records was coined by engineer Paul before the first track of this was laid down. Originally it had been scheduled to be recorded a week earlier than it actually was in the end. An exasperated, frustrated and disgruntled Paul explained the situation to studio owner Ian Dent, blaming Rough Terrain‘s non-presence on “…discommunication, disorganisation and general untogetherness.”

As luck would have it, Rough Terrain managed to conquer their difficulties the following weekend and these four tracks were the result. The overall sound was somewhat lighter and more refined than Rough Terrain‘s live raw power. There was also a fair amount of experimentation involving the various Daylight Studios percussion instruments, the in-house Fender acoustic, and the Bare Remix of Slark Lywilsbie.

The band did not stay together for much longer after this recording. They played one more show at The Bystocks in Exeter, then Andy left to begin an undergraduate degree at Cardiff University. Despite numerous auditions being held, nobody could replace their charismatic silver-tongued frontman. The remaining band members decided it was time to hang up their skin-tight spandex leggings and move on.

George specifically asked this writer to point out that he particularly dislikes the song Two Timer, which he wrote aged 17, and regrets even writing it at all. He politely requests that you simply skip this track when listening, although he agrees that the intro is pretty cool.

If you would like to listen to the Daylight Demo by Rough Terrain here at the Wud Records website, please click here.

If you would prefer to listen to it over at the SoundCloud website, please click here instead.

Now: lyrics transcribed

Posted by Wudmaster on 15/07/16

Today we transcribed some Now lyrics by Mark Drower from the 1982 Inauguration bootleg. These lyrics have been published at Explicit Music. They are also included in the Inauguration by Now SoundCloud page. Fortunately Mark did a very clear vocal performance with precise enunciation, which made the job easier.

Mark had such a fantastic voice, so expressive. His acoustic guitar rhythms were hypnotic and compelling, and being a self-taught guitarist he played some fantastically unconventional things. His lyrics were always interesting and direct. It is such a shame he had no interest in continuing his musical journey. We feel very lucky to have been able to capture some of his awesome talent on tape all those years ago.

Jon Kneebone’s drumming was also unique and highly expressive. He was definitely a whacker rather than a tappper and made a big sound. He would attach a headless tambourine to the pole of his hi-hat, an idea he had from watching his hero, John Bonham.

If you would like to listen and read using the Wud Records website, you can do so by clicking here.

If you prefer to do it over at SoundCloud, please click here instead.

Dark Company: homepage updated

Posted by Wudmaster on 11/07/16

The homepage for Dark Company here at Wud Records has been updated. We felt that it needed to be done following the band’s recent loss of singer, frontman and lyricist Speedy Pete Greatorex. The rest of the band are determined to keep the flag flying for Dark Company.

There are no plans at present to replace Pete in any capacity for the time being. The Dark Company recordings that exist will be upgraded with new parts in time. These will be mainly guitar, bass and drums. We shall be doing more work towards mastering and releasing their songs and albums in the coming weeks and months. We shall let you know of any such developments in our News service.

Dark Company were working on a triple CD of new songs when Pete departed. We have reasonably good recordings of his vocals for all of the songs that were going to be used. The album has a provisional title of A for Acronym. We will be keeping the material under wraps until some of the band’s earlier works have been released.

If you would like to read more about Dark Company and their current status, you can visit their Wud Records homepage by clicking here.

Dr Watson: Opatov Session repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 07/07/16

The Opatov Session by Dr Watson is the latest playlist to be repaired. We also updated that page here at Wud Records and added all of the lyrics and some other information to the various pages that now exist at SoundCloud.

Quite a lot of the old style Flamplayers have now been replaced with the new SoundCloud players and the results have been remarkable. We have come to realise that the music of Wud Records has become truly global. We are being played mostly between 60 and 110 times daily with nations from every continent represented on our map. So wherever you may be reading this, thanks for taking the time and we hope you are enjoying the music you’re hearing! :)

Dr Watson was George on guitar and vocals and Phil the Fiddle on violin. They played many, many times on the famous old Charles Bridge in Prague during 1997 and in several of the bars around the city. They often drew big crowds with their antics and musicianship and absolutely refused to play anything by The Beatles, no matter how many times those songs were requested.

The Opatov Session was recorded live in George’s hotel room one afternoon using a very basic cassette machine provided to him by the language school English House in Albertov. We have left the running order of the tracks the same as they were on the tape. There was sadly no beer at the time so this performance definitely suffered at least a 15% reducer because of the prevailing dryness.

This collection of 17 tracks represents just about everything that Dr Watson were playing at that time. Aeroplane was still quite a new piece and would later be performed by Flicker, and Broken Tubes was eventually given a new lease of life on Dark Company’s Mind Dance album after the digital version called Horizontal Hold appeared on Can of Worms.

If you would like to listen to The Opatov Session by Dr Watson here at the Wud Records website, you can do so by clicking here.

To listen instead over at SoundCloud you can click here.

Ug Brothers: Cute But Weird Ugstrumentals repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 06/07/16

The Cute But Weird Ugstrumentals by The Ug Brothers is the latest collection of songs to be repaired. The old Flamplayer playlist is gone and has been replaced by the new SoundCloud playlist.

These are pre-bounce instrumental mixes from the old four-track cassette portastudio that the band used to record their Cute But Weird album. The Ug Brothers wanted to keep these for posterity, as back in those days editing audio was a destructive process. This meant that although much of the material on these mixes made it onto the final cut of Cute But Weird, not everything did. Space needed to be made for vocals and other things.

Ugstrumentals are, of course, instrumentals by The Ug Brothers. There is a whole album of their Ugstrumentals both here at the Wud Records website and over among our playlists at SoundCloud. These were used for lyric writing and rehearsal purposes by the band and eventually led to the birth of Flicker.

In case you feel like singing along to these tracks, which are in effect karaoke tracks of the Cute But Weird album, we included the lyrics on each song’s page.

If you would like to listen to the Cute But Weird Ugstrumentals by The Ug Brothers here at Wud Records, you can do so by clicking here.

Instead, if you wish to listen at Soundcloud, you can listen here.

The finished version of the Cute But Weird album is available here for your listening pleasure, where you can download it as well.