Stephen Yates: Eponymous EP repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 07/08/16

The Eponymous EP of Stephen Yates and his remarkable compositions for electric guitar is the most recent of our Archive playlists to be repaired and added to the growing collection of Wud Records playlists over at SoundCloud.

Stephen Yates is a renowned and celebrated virtuoso, better known for his classical guitar playing, for which he has won multiple prestigious international awards following his graduation. He has worked extensively as a session musician both in the studio and on tours for major artists. His compositional experiments include some fascinating and wonderful pieces in a classical style for steel-string guitar, many of which have been posted to YouTube. Nearly every guitarist watching the way he performs these pieces will wonder ‘how on earth did he just do that?!’

Perhaps even more surprising is the way that he composes pieces. Usually his pieces are composed using a pencil and some blank score paper, the music coming straight from his imagination with no instrument involved at that stage.

Please note that we do not own the copyright to any of these recordings. The copyright is owned entirely by Stephen Yates and these pieces are hosted here with his permission because we happen to like them.

To subscribe to his YouTube channel, something we highly recommend you doing, especially all you musicians, please click here.

If you would like to listen to this Eponymous collection of electric guitar pieces by Stephen Yates here at Wud Records, please click here.

If you would prefer to listen over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.

Murdock: Night Vision repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 06/08/16

Night Vision by Murdock is the latest of our Archive playlists to be repaired and added to our collection over at SoundCloud. Night Vision is a three track demo CD that the band made at the Plymouth Musicians Co-operative in 2001 and features the songs Nocturnal, Albino and Box Shots. We believe there are other recordings of the band but we do not have any more. They used to have their own website as well at, but that seems to no longer exist.

Murdock were arguably the most popular band to originate from Torbay since Muse and their odyssey lasted for a few years around the beginning of the century. They always put on a splendid show and drew big crowds whenever they played live. Murdock performed with a great sense of fun and created a lot of original songs that had a wonderful tongue-in-cheek dark humour, notably Girlfriend in a Coma, which was always a winner.

Please note that we do not own the copyright to any of the material on the Night Vision demo by Murdock. Copyright is owned by the creators of the music, to which attributions are made on each track’s page. We have hosted this music as we have a fondness both for the band’s members and the music they made.

If you would like to listen to Night Vision by Murdock here at Wud Records, please click here.

If you would prefer to listen to it at SoundCloud instead, please click here.

Ember: Moving on a Moment in Life EP repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 04/08/16

The Ember EP from 1999, Moving on a Moment in Life, has been fixed and put back in the Wud Records Archives. This EP was the final studio recording of Ember in their final incarnation. Lead guitarist and backing vocalist Dan Wright was the main creative force of the band and the one member who was constant throughout its existance.

Moving on a Moment in Life was recorded, engineered and produced by Martin Dearmun of Transit Recordings. Martin was also the singer and acoustic guitarist in another of the Wud Records Archive bands, Pyg.

This EP features four of the band’s songs, including the beautiful and wistful Aquamarine, and Moving On, which was a relatively new song for the band composed by lead singer Joe and a couple of his friends.

Please note that we do not own the copyright to Ember’s songs. The copyright belongs to the individual writers of each track, the details of which can be found on the individual tracks’ pages.

If you would like to listen to Moving on a Moment in Life by Ember here at Wud Records, please click here.

To listen to it over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.

Wud Records: July 2016 top ten tracks published at SoundCloud

Posted by Wudmaster on 03/08/16

The top ten tracks for July 2016 from Wud Records have been published in a new playlist at SoundCloud. Tracks have been arranged from one to ten according to their popularity.

We shall publish further such playlists on a monthly basis. These playlists will take into account plays, likes, downloads and reposts at SoundCloud and Bandcamp. Tracks that are only published at BandCamp will be omitted from the SoundCloud playlist.

We are discussing the possibility of using the most recent monthly top ten tracks playlist as the default music player across the Wud Records website. These players will replace the old broken FlamPlayer. We also plan to do something similar and separate for our Archive bands when we have restored a few more of the Archive playlists.

July 2016 was by some distance our busiest month at SoundCloud. We’d like to thank everybody who helped to make it so by listening, commenting and reposting our bands’ tracks there. Only you, the listener, can influence our August 2016 playlist, so if there is a track you particularly like, keep playing it!

When we have a bit of spare time we will make further top 10 playlists going back to when Wud Records first joined SoundCloud. The way their site is structured makes it easy for us to do so, so well done to SoundCloud for being so splendid in that regard. The Wud Records charts used to be a popular feature a few years ago and it is great to be able to bring them back.

Congratulations to Dark Company, whose song Medicines was our number one track in July.

If you would like to hear the top 10 songs from Wud Records, as played, downloaded, liked and reposted by listeners, please click here.

Goodstaff: demo EP compilation repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 31/07/16

The demo EP compilation from Goodstaff in our Archives has been repaired and the playlist added at SoundCloud. This compilation comes from two demo CDs that Goodstaff made.

The first five tracks come from their 1999 recording at Crazy Cat Studios in Exeter. The last three were created at Torna-K’s studio in 2000 and mastered by Dave Bliss. Neither CD was given a particular name so we simply named this compilation of the two EPs eponymously.

When we first came upon Goodstaff performing live at The Cavern in Exeter, we had no idea what to make of them as we had never heard anything quite like that before. Ross was playing the most orange guitar in the world slung down by his shins and his vocal style was highly individual as well as being powerful and precise. There was clearly some form of musical intelligence at work and we felt that further investigation was desirable.

Nowadays we absolutely love their songs and remember them fondly, not just for their music, which requires a surprisingly high level of virtuosity to attempt to play, but for the characters that made up the band, and the attitude and the fun and mutual respect we all had when we came together.

Please note that we do not own the copyright of these songs. Ownership belongs to Ross Martin and Goodstaff. These recordings have been published here in our Archives because we love them and feel that they need to be heard by the world, even though Goodstaff themselves have long since disbanded.

We hope that you will enjoy this blast of fresh air and great songwriting from the turn of the century.

If you would like to listen to Goodstaff here at Wud Records, please click here.

If you prefer to listen to them over at SoundCloud instead, please click here.

Search Party: Demo repaired

Posted by Wudmaster on 28/07/16

The Search Party Demo from 1999 has been repaired and included in our ever-growing collection of playlists over at SoundCloud. Search Party are one of our Archive bands as they were never a part of the Wud Records label. The band came to our attention when one of the Wud Records team became their regular live front-of-house sound engineer back in the day. They have a certain similarity in style to Dark Company. We will no doubt continue to love their music forever.

Search Party were a stunningly good live band. They played many shows and wowed audiences across the southwest of England with their unique blend of melodic progressive ethno-trance-rock featuring powerful vocal harmonies, inventive guitars, unusual wind instruments, ethnic drums and trance-heavy sequencing. We hope one day to find some more Search Party songs to publish for you to enjoy.

One of the band’s most innovative features was their use of the five-string Telecaster. Lawrence broke a high E-string one day and chose never to replace it.

Please note that Wud Records does not own the copyright to any of the material published in our Archives section. It is not our intention to compromise or violate in any way the copyright of the respective owners of the works that are there. We simply published this music because we love it and feel that it still needs to be heard by the world.

If you happen to be a copyright owner of any of the Archive material and would like it to be removed, corrected, republished, approved, or anything else, please email so that this can be done.

Search Party are the first of our Archive bands to have their playlist repaired since the malfunction of the old Flamplayer, which can still be found festering and rotting at a few pages here at the Wud Records website. In the coming days and weeks we shall be repairing the rest of our Archive section and with luck will be able to bring you some new Archive material as well. Details of further repairs and releases will be published in our News service and on Twitter.

You can listen to the three songs on the Search Party Demo at the Wud Records website by clicking here.

If you would prefer to listen to it at SoundCloud instead, please click here.